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climatemaster accessoriesClimateMaster not only offers innovative geothermal heating and cooling systems, but also a comprehensive selection of options and accessories to fit any application. For example, an optional hot water generator can save 40-50 percent off the cost of using electric or gas water heaters for your home’s hot water needs. And smart choices from programmable multi-function thermostats to ClimaDry™ whole house dehumidification provide additional opportunities to save time, money, the environment, and your health.


  • Flow Controller Loop Circulation Module for Maximum Heat Transfer from Ground Loop to Geothermal Pump
  • Programmable Multi-function Thermostat with 3-Stage Heat, 2-stage Cool, Humidification, and Dehumidification Control and Indicator LED’s
  • AG Series: Internal Auxiliary Electric Heaters to Boost Heating Capacity


  • ECM Variable Speed Fan Motor (standard on the Tranquility 27™)
  • Factory-installed Cupronickel Coaxial Heat Exchanger
  • Factory-installed Hot Water Generator with Internal Pump
  • Extended Labor Allowance and Service Warranty
  • ClimaDry™ Whole House Dehumidification