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climatemaster outdoorThe innovative design of the Tranquility Outdoor offers a variety of cost-saving installation options available for the first time with a geothermal system. Since the outdoor unit replaces your current unit, you can connect directly to your existing equipment and avoid additional installation and remodeling expenses. No changes or special modifications are necessary to your system connections. Just add a ground loop to be up and running.

Save Money

  • Can be matched to most high-efficiency air coils and air handlers to save on your utility bills.
  • Can be installed outside using your current system connections with no changes or special modifications.
  • Easily connected to your existing indoor equipment to avoid additional installation and remodeling expenses.
  • Easily connected to fossil fuel or electric furnaces, ideal for “add-on” installations, providing you with the maximum in convenience and comfort for less.
  • Cost-saving installation options available for the first time with a geothermal system.
  • Optional hot water generator can lower home hot water cost.  

Feel Good

  • Energy Star® qualified.
  • Copeland™ high-efficiency single-stage advanced scroll compressor allows the most efficient operation level for all weather conditions.
  • Roughly 75% to 80% percent of heat supplied comes directly from the earth itself and is clean, free and renewable.
  • Little or no CO2 emissions help prevent global warming.

Homeowner Satisfaction

  • The cabinet is powder coated and painted to resist the weather.
  • Double spring and grommet compressor isolation plus no noisy outdoor fans mean ultra quiet operation.
  • Automatic alerts and simplified controls make it easy to use.
  • Fully insulated water and refrigerant lines, brass swivel water connections, and backseating brass service valves with service port make it built to last.
  • Geothermal heating and cooling has no flame, no odors, and no danger of fumes.
  • Easy, lift-out access panels make servicing a breeze.


ClimateMaster is a proud Energy Star Partner